Halloween makeup and nail goodies from Kiss and Tattoo Junkee

Are you getting excited about Halloween? Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween costumes and candy are a just a few of the things we get to indulge in October. Halloween is also the time to get creative with your makeup and nails. Here are few Halloween products that can be used all month and on the big day.

Kiss Naill Dress Halloween 2014

Kiss Naill Dress Halloween 2014

Kiss Nail Dress are nail stickers that are applied and then file the edges are filed off. Grab these when you see them – once they are gone that is it. $2.99 at Kmart, CVS and Walgreens stores.

These cute press-on nails are great when you don’t have the time/don’t want to damage your nails with acrylic nails. Get the limited edition Halloween designs for $7.99 at Kmart, CVS and Walgreens stores.


Halloween KISS Lash Dress, $3.99 at Kmart

These cute Halloween costume inspired lashes are as cute in the package as they are outside of it. Available in kitty, witch, devil, angel, princess and fairy for just $3.99 each at Kmart stores.

Tattoo Junkee Fearless Glitter Body Art Kit, $9.98

Tattoo Junkee Fearless Glitter Body Art Kit, $9.98

Fake tattoos are big at Halloween, as a great addition to a costume or for an activity at parties. Tattoo Junkee has a kit that you can use to make realistic looking tattoos and glitter tattoos. The kit comes with stencils, 3 body glitters, body glue and glitter application brush, $9.98 at Wal-Mart stores.

Tattoo Junkee also has other fun stuff like a lip paint that can be worn matte or glittery; glam stamps in the shape of a heart and butterfly and matte finish realistic tattoo body paints available in three colors. All the products are available at Wal-Mart starting at $6.88. Kendall Jenner was seen on the runway at #NYFW wearing the realistic Tattoo Junkee Tattoos!

Kendall Jenner rocked Tattoo Junkee "Twin Stars" body art down the Tommy Hilfiger runway during New York Fashion Week. (PRNewsFoto/Tattoo Junkee)

Kendall Jenner rocked Tattoo Junkee “Twin Stars” body art down the Tommy Hilfiger runway during New York Fashion Week. (PRNewsFoto/Tattoo Junkee)

Laura Mercier adds new products to support ovarian cancer

Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund Jenny Packham Clutch

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and the Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund is helping to bring awareness and support to the disease with a line of special edition products. Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death among gynecological cancers and fifth leading cause of death among women in the U.S.*

“The Laura Mercier Ovarian Cancer Fund has been instrumental in providing the resources to develop a circulating tumor DNA test (a simple blood draw) that serves as a snap shot of pre-treatment tumor DNA,” explains Dr. Carol Aghajanian. “With this new test, we are one step closer to better selecting patients who will respond to therapies such as PARP inhibitors. We are truly grateful for this partnership.”

The collection includes four products:

  • Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Peach Hope: a high-shine, perfectly pigmented gloss with rich, long-lasting colour and brilliant shine that creates the appearance of fuller lips, $25 and available on lmocf.org, ShopBAZAAR.com and retailers.
  • Jenny Packham Teal Clutch, exclusive for LMOCF: a teal bag in the identical silk satin and shape as the dress and matching clutch worn by Kate Middleton at the Our Greatest Team Rises Gala in London. The handmade clutch is available on ShopBAZAAR.com and priced at $300.
  • LMOCF Bracelet of Hope – The bracelet features hand-selected freshwater pearls and crystal quartz, and it is nickel and lead free. Laura Mercier partnered with talented jewelry designer, Viveca Karabatsos, to create the new LMOCF Bracelet of Hope, which is available on lmocf.org and ShopBAZAAR.com. Priced at $35.
  • Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Healthy Glow for Face & Cheeks Creme Colour Palette: the ultra-sheer, blendable palette provides skin with a natural “no makeup” glow that looks soft and sun-kissed. The palette was inspired by Laura Mercier’s work with celebrity clients, who wanted a universal compact that would “wake-up” their skin and give them an immediate healthy glow. The Bonne Mine palette is available at lmocf.org, ShopBAZAAR.com and retailers. Priced at $48.

Laura Mercier Cosmetics will be donating 100 percent of the profits from the sale of its these products to LMOCF. The four products that fight back can be found at lmocf.org, ShopBAZAAR.com (the e-commerce store of Harper’s BAZAAR) and retailers. Please join the online conversation by following @LauraMercier on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using #LMOCF and #SpeakOutForHope.


Illumask vs. LightStim for Wrinkles

One of latest technologies in wrinkle reducing is LED and infrared light. Red light reduces inflammation and promotes circulation, amber light builds collagen and elastin and blue light destroys acne bacteria. Infrared light (we are unable to see it with the naked eye) promotes circulation and encourages product absorption. For years you have been able to visit doctors offices for LED treatments but demand has pushed new devices to the home market. I tested out two products, the illuMask Anti-Aging mask and the LightStim for Wrinkles handheld device. I got the illuMask at ULTA and with a 20 percent off coupon I paid about $24. I got the LightStim for Wrinkles gratis at the Cosmoprof convention in Las Vegas. It costs around $249 dollars and is available at lightstim.com and QVC.com (they also have a cheaper mini version). The main reason I wanted to try LED therapy was to improve my wrinkles. I also wanted to see if it had any impact on my Rosacea. I have read that red light therapy is an option, but currently there are no FDA recommendations for that use.


What I like about the illuMask: I like that all you have to do is put the mask on and press a button and in 15 minutes you’re done. I noticed enough of a difference to want to use it again. What I don’t like: It doesn’t get that hot. The LightStim gets really warm and it is pressed directly to your face. The other negative is price. Each mask only lasts 30 uses. It takes about 8 weeks to see major results and the recommendation for LED therapy is to continue using it for even more results. If you wanted to use it a for year, you would end up spending $360.

LightStim for Wrinkles

LightStim for Wrinkles

What I liked about LightStim: I saw big results immediately. My pores shrunk and my skin looked tighter. My fine lines have lessened and it seems to be making an impact on my bigger lines too. Not sure if it helped my Rosacea, but it has lightened skin discolorations. You use it for three minutes at a time, on each area. They have a cool app that has a revolving timer which makes it easy to do while laying in bed or watching TV. The cost is reasonable for what you get. The LightStim plugs into the wall (no batteries), you don’t have to replace the light cartridge and it has a five year warranty. What I didn’t like: A mask version would be nice. To sum it up, the LightStim is much more powerful and a much better deal for long term treatment. The illuMask is good if you just want to experiment with LED treatment for aging or acne. I plan on using my LightStim everyday until it stops working. I may even try the LightStim for Acne mini when it comes out. LightStim also has a LED device for pain. You can find them all at LightStim.com or check out QVC where you can get one easy pay.