Adovia Purifying Mud Mask – review

Masks are great for exfoliating, moisturizing and pulling toxins from the skin. If you have skin issues like rosacea or acne, many of the treatment masks from the cosmetic counter have harsh additives that can irritate sensitive skin. Skincare brand Adovia has products made primarily from Dead Sea Minerals and natural botanical ingredients. Here is my review of Adovia’s Purifying Mud Mask.

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Adovia Purifying Mud Mask is made from Dead Sea Mud from Israel. It exfoliates, promotes cell renewal and improves elasticity. To use, simply apply to skin and let it dry for 10-20 minutes. You will feel a light tingling on your skin as the mask dries. I left it on for 10 minutes and I was able to wash it off with water (I didn’t need a washcloth). My face was completely exfoliated and felt very moisturized. You only need to use this mask once a week, so one tube will last you about 3-4 months. Besides Dead Sea Mud, the mask has beeswax, algae extract, sunflower seed oil, orange oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil, peach kernel oil, and ginseng – no mineral oil. You can find it on
for $30.


Dermaflage makes hiding scars and lines easy at home

Scars on your face can be hard to cover with makeup and plastic surgery is risky and expensive. Enter Dermaflage, a tinted silicone filler to cover those scars and lines in just a few minutes. Created by a Hollywood special effects artist, Dermaflage can be used daily or for special events. The company sent me a kit along with a “little face” to demo the product and here is my verdict.Dermaflage

I tried it on my face and on the model. First of all, you need to PRACTICE using it. Don’t expect to pull it out on prom night and get a perfect application on the first try. It took me a few tries to get the hang of the consistency and drying time. It comes with special application tips that mix the color with the silicone or you can mix it yourself on the texture pad.


First, you apply the primer. Get the spatulas and texture pad ready before you apply the Dermaflage because you only have about 30 seconds before it hardens. Also, don’t try to cover large lines all at once, work on one small area at a time. Use the texture pad to smooth it out. I tried it on fine forehead lines and it didn’t work. It works best on deeper lines, scars and pock marks. You can’t really feel it once it is on and it removes easily with eye makeup remover. The one caveat is – you can’t wear it with liquid foundation. Now if you want to use liquid on the parts of your face where there is no Dermaflage, that would be fine. Over the Dermaflage try a powder foundation like Studio Fix by MAC or a bareMinerals foundation.

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Dermaflage costs $50 for the starter pack and refills are $30, which it much cheaper and less risky than plastic surgery. To order and see before and afters, visit

DOVE Chocolate and Nicole by OPI nail polish collection

Nicole by OPI Dove Chocolate nail polish

DOVE Chocolate and Nicole by OPI held a sweepstakes contest through Facebook and gave out 25,000 nail polish sets, and I was one of the lucky winners. The prize included two nail polishes, both inspired by DOVE Chocolate called ‘Better After Dark’ and ‘Promises In The Dark’ plus a coupon for a DOVE Chocolate bar. The polishes are not going to offered for sale, but they are already up for sale on ebay.

It Cosmetics CC+ Lip Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging Color Correcting Creme Gloss -review

CC+ Lip Serum Hydrating Anti-Aging Color Correcting Creme Gloss

This is an individual review of the It Cosmetics CC+ Lip Serum that comes in the It Cosmetics CC Your Way To Beautiful Skin Anti-Aging 4pc. Collection from QVC. I also have a separate review for the CC Cream here. This gloss is not necessarily meant to add color, but more to plump, moisturize and restore natural color to the lips. When you first put it on, it is a little glossy until absorbs into the lips.

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I didn’t like the color/texture of the gloss until it absorbed into my lips. The collagen, peptides and hyaluronic acid plump up lips and seal in moisture making a great primer for your lipstick or just an anytime lip treatment. Right now you can only get in the collection through QVC, but eventually it should be available as a standalone product. Go to to sign up for the newsletter and stay informed about new products and online sales.

*Press sample received.

In unrelated news…a Lululemon outlet has opened near Las Vegas

Popular Yoga and exercise clothier Lululemon has opened a new outlet store at The Fashion Outlets in Primm, Nevada. The mall is located at the Nevada/California state line, about 30 minutes from Las Vegas. If you are a tourist visiting Las Vegas, the mall has a shuttle service from the Strip available for $15.

Cr: Lululemon Fashion Outlets _Primm

Cr: Lululemon Fashion Outlets _Primm

As far as the prices and inventory at the new store, you’ll have to go and find out. Most of the reviews of other outlets around the country frame it as a “hit or miss” opportunity. You may get tone of stuff for cheap or you may walk in and find prices are not much cheaper than a regular store.

You can sometimes score great deals at the Lululemon store at the Fashion Show. I got a pink forme jacket mid season for $69 while on the website it was still selling for $108. An employee told me that because 70% of that store’s clientele comes from Canada, the warm weather clothes don’t sell as well (in Vegas go figure.). Make sure you always check the sales rack by the dressing room first!

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