Brow Stylist Plumper by L’Oréal Paris – review

DSCN4032L’Oreal Paris has a new product that can be used to to fill in the brows and hold them in place. I tried the lightest shade ‘Light to Medium’ but it is also available in ‘Medium to Dark’ and ‘Clear’. I would recommend Medium to Dark for most people, I am blonde but the lighter shade was too light. It would probably work best for a blonde with very pale eyebrows. Or, you could always use your regular brow products and then seal it with the clear shade. This product seems to be smoother than traditional brow gels but it dries heavy. It other words, your brows will feel crunchy and they’ll stay that way until you remove it. DSCN4011 L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Plumper is priced at $8.99 and is available online at I have seen it occasionally in ULTA stores. Quick tip: When you buy L’Oréal Paris products at ULTA, make sure you go during the sales (buy one get one, etc.) and make to sure to bring manufacturer coupons to increase your savings. If you don’t a newspaper like me, you can look online or grab them from displays at drugstores.

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Top hyaluronic acid skincare must haves – Washington DC Beauty |

Wrinkles, sallowness, dryness and hyper pigmentation. At some point all of us will come face to face with aging skin.

Source: Top hyaluronic acid skincare must haves – Washington DC Beauty |

Remove your makeup the Earth Day way with Neutrogena


Makeup removal can be messy and wasteful. Water, cleansers and eye makeup remover can take a toll on the environment and your face.  The Neutrogena naturals line has a purifying makeup remover cleansing towelette that removes all your makeup without wasting any water.


I got the chance to try them through Influenster‘s vox box program. They removed all my makeup including eyeliner, mascara and glitter without irritating my skin. I usually have to use special sensitive eyelid wipes but these were gentle enough for my eyes. You don’t have to rinse off after, but you can if it makes you feel uncomfortable. They retail for $7.99 for 25 wipes, similar to pricing on other makeup wipes. You’ll probably end up saving money if you replace your cleanser and makeup remover with these wipes.

Susan Posnick blush brightens April with a special promo

Spring is here and it’s time to get a little color back in your skin. It may be tempting  to go lay out in the sun or head to the tanning bed, but your skin could suffer irreparable damage.  Inspired by her own battle with skin cancer, Beauty expert Susan Posnick has created a line of cosmetics formulated to help protect skin.


This Spring/Summer, try Susan Posnick’s COLORME Blush. It comes in a travel-friendly container and can be used for cheeks, eyes and lips. The  self-dispensing pot has an attached puff and mirror for easy application.  Susan also has some tips using the universal Lotus Sun shade.

COLORME in Lotus Sun

 Cheeks: Apply Lotus Sun onto the cheekbone and apple of the cheek for just the right amount of color, while the shimmer in it highlights the cheekbone at the same time.

Eyes: Dab the luxurious sponge applicator onto the eyelid for a hint of color on the lid. This soft coral will brighten every eye. For more intense color, unscrew the top of the container, and dip into the lid with a dry or wet brush. The color will be more intense if you use a wet brush. I also like using Lotus Sun with a wet eyeliner brush to line under the bottom lashes.

Lips: Dab the puff onto the lips for a hint of color. Or, unscrew the cap, dab a lip brush into the top of the Lotus Sun to highlight the center of the lower lip, for that perfect pout.

During the month of April get COLORME in any shade for $25 (reg. $32) plus free shipping with promo code April 15 at

Ageless Foundation changes packaging and formulation

One of my favorite anti-aging supplements and SeroVital dopplegangers, has been revamped.  Ageless Foundation’s Ultra Max Advanced Rejuvenation Formula has changed the overall design of the package, making it sleeker and more modern.

DSCN4123 - Version 2

In addition to the packaging, the ingredients were also changed. The new packet has 1,623 mg less of the Alphatrophin complex, which is about 17 percent less. The pricing is still the same. I sent an email to customer service to see how this changes the dosing schedule, but I have not received a response. I am not sure how this formula stacks up to SeroVital hgh because SeroVital doesn’t specify amounts, only the ingredients. I didn’t notice the change until I was almost finished with the box, but I did feel like it wasn’t as effective. That could be from the change in seasons, allergies, etc. I am going to give it 90 days before I make a final conclusion. Even still, Ageless Foundation is way cheaper than SeroVital. Your other options are the even lower dosage Ageless Foundation Ultra Max Capsules or actually buying the individual ingredients.

It sells for $59.99 on the company’s website, but I have got it for around $35 at sites like and If you want it right away, try visiting your local The Vitamin Shoppe, it seems like they always have it in stock.


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