Furlesse adds new wrinkle reducing patches (giveaway)

Furlesse are clear, non-latex, self-adhesive plastic patches that relax wrinkles and help prevent new ones. These needle-free wrinkle reducers are easy to apply and remove.They work by bracing the skin and training the muscles underneath back into shape. Simply wash your face, moisturize and apply. The original Furlesse patch was for your brows, but now they have created three new ones for the rest of your face.

Crows, Elevens and Lip-Sticks will help with crows feet, frown lines and lip lines. I love these things. I even wear them around the house (to let gravity help out). Wear them daily to get “back in shape” and then periodically to keep the wrinkles away.


This contest is closed! Congratulations to Allison F.!

Here is your chance to try them out! One lucky reader will get a package each of Crows and Elevens!

To enter, fill in the form below by July 30th. Please write “enter me” in the comments. I will contact the winner via email. Sorry USA entrants only. Your email and name will not be posted and we will not use this information for anything other than the contest.


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