“True Beauty” kicks off in Las Vegas

The gotcha show from producers Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher started last night on ABC. The ten contestants were under the guise they were competing to become the “Face of Vegas”.  These people look like rejects from The Hills.  They are all apparently very gullible and very stuck on themselves. The fact that none of them are from Vegas, in a contest for being the face of Vegas should be a tip off. They were put to a hidden camera moral challenges to see how they responded. An actress playing a stylist tried to persuade them to take a item they didn’t have the money for.  Half of them chose to steal.  Apparently NOT stealing makes you beautiful on the inside. This all seems a bit too contrived. If you have nothing to fill your summer line up, you can watch this show for Carson Kressley or to watch another show about Las Vegas.

Frownies, simple, inexpensive wrinkle repair

What are Frownies? Frownies are little triangle patches that are supposed to train the wrinkles out of your face. Raquel Welch uses them and talks about them in her book. The product is actually over 100 years old! A local esthetician told me they do work, so I am going to give them a try.

Day 1:

The small patch resembles a triangle sized piece of paper packing tape. All I have to do is moisten it and then stick it on my forehead. You can put the patches on different parts of your face, but I am just going to start with the forehead. It doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable. After a while, I don’t even really notice it. We’ll see how it looks in the morning….

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