Snapshot from the 2010 Cosmoprof North America show Las Vegas

 Mandalay Bay Convention Center was host to the Cosmoprof North America beauty tradeshow this week. Over 700 exhibitors from all over the world were showing off their products to the professional beauty industry including salons, spas, manufacturers and distributors.The show began on Sunday July 18, and ran through Tuesday, July 20th. Many manufacturers exhibit at the show each year to sell existing products and introduce new ones. There was even a product that may be a little over the top or maybe just ahead of its’ time, the children’s pedicure bowl.
As the trend of straightened hair continues, there was an array of flat irons in every color and every style available. An option for frizzy or curly hair is a brazilian treatment. The treatment is applied wet hair and combed through by section. Your stylist will then blow hair dry with a straight or round brush. When hair is dry, the stylist flat irons the hair. The treatment is washed out, hair is towel dried and conditioned again before being blow dried for a final time. The treatment is supposed to last 10-12 weeks and costs anywhere from $150-$450. Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Nicole Ritchie are just a few of the celebrities that have used brazilian treatments to tame the frizzies.

Hair extensions are nothing new, but some less expensive and less invasive options are out there. For a little sparkle, add HairFlairs. These tinsel like strands are put into your hair using a slip knot and will last 2 to 6 weeks. You can wash and style your hair with them in. In the realm of hair pieces, Hairdo by Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson has a great solution for the scissor shy. If you are thinking about adding bangs but don’t want to take the plunge, Hairdo has new clip in bangs. They also have a perfect chignon that clips on. Hairdo is available on-line, at and in local beauty suppliers and salons.
Coffee. It is a big part of every American’s diet. It wakes us up in the morning and picks us up in the afternoon. Just a whiff on coffee beans can be a natural pick me up. A Portland, Oregon company has created a bath and body line made from coffee. Barista bath and body products are made from organic coffee and essential oils are paraben free, sulfate and phthalate free. The key to using coffee is its ph balance is similar to the bodies’ making it clean better than shampoo or soap. The line includes body scrub, shampoo and conditioner, body creme and even a lip balm. Products range from $4.50 to $28.00 and are available at

The most interesting and versatile product at the show was the mixer kit by Geri G Cosmetics. Mixer is a light serum that you can with any product from foundation to lipstick. It will lock in hydration and make your makeup wear longer. You can use it to replace foundation and shadow primers and also mix up new colors with existing products. It was developed by a esthetician Geri Giagnorio to boost the performance of makeup and extend it uses. The kit includes mixer, one mixing spatula, one mixing brush, instructional booklet and DVD and it is available at www.gerigcosmet