SeroVital hGH – a review by a beauty guru


SeroVital hGH

I recently got the chance to test a new supplement called SeroVital hGH. Made popular from a mention on the Dr. Oz show, the supplement is now available for sale at beauty purveyor ULTA.

What is SeroVital hGH?

First of all it is NOT Human Growth Hormone. Human Growth Hormone is only available through a prescription from a medical doctor. SeroVital hGH is a natural supplement that claims to give you radiant skin and hair, improved mood and energy, higher sex drive and stronger bones and muscles. It is comprised of complex amino acids that help increase your body’s own production of growth hormones.

What do I think of it?

At first it took a little getting used to. The big thing with SeroVital hGH is that you have to take it on an empty stomach with a two-hour window. That means if you take it in the morning, you have to wait two hours before you can eat. I went the nighttime route and took it two hours after eating, before bed.

SeroVital Pills

*Samples provided by SeroVital hGH’s PR Company

The first thing I noticed was that it helped alleviate water weight, which is great for anyone on a modern diet. I also felt like I had more energy, but I did not feel shaky like when I take caffeine or herb based energy supplements. I also feel like it evened out my mood and hormones. I am in my 30′s, the age when your hormones start fluctuating and making you miserable and this definitely helped even me out. I did notice that I could lose weight a little easier and I saw quicker results from workouts. As for alleviating the wrinkles, my skin seemed tighter and firmer, but that could be a result of the detoxification.

The Cons

The two-hour window was kind of a pain. If I had a late activity or something that prevented me from eating earlier, I almost had to skip a day because you have to wait 24 hours between doses. On the other hand – keeping yourself from eating two hours before bed is probably a good idea.

I did notice some achy joints. I don’t know if it was coincidence or something I just never noticed before, but it was an occasional noticeable burning pain. A doctor might have an idea of what it could be.

The Price. A 30-day supply is $100. It is available on their website on auto ship for $80 after your initial purchase. It is also available at ULTA Beauty and occasionally you can get 10% off when the loyalty coupons come out. I am hoping that as with anything else, as it gains popularity and distribution the price will go down.

The Verdict

I would probably use it again. It probably has more effects that kick in with long-term use and I really noticed a difference in the 30 days I was using it. The only issue is the cost. Unfortunately I made the mistake of showing it to my husband and telling him the cost. If only the beauty stores had an alias on the credit card listing like the Las Vegas Strip Clubs used to. So instead of ULTA or Sephora it would say “Frank’s Auto Repair” or “Green Groceries”!

For more technical information and clinical study information visit

For those interested, here is the ingredient info:


Update: I found a similar supplement that is much cheaper by Ageless Foundation Laboratories.

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May 17, 2014 by dj

Wow, I was astonished to read other people had muscle aches. I also did, but wasn't sure what was causing it. Glad I read this. I am going to decrease the dosage to finish product. I didn't notice any difference. I will not repurchase.


Oct 06, 2013 by Angela

I am a 60 yr old female 104 pounds no excess weight. I have been taking seroVital for 20 days only 2 a night. I am having less aches and pains in my joints, I see better, less moody, no night sweets,regained my sex drive,dresming (good dreams) muscle tone has improved,the best thing is my energy levels...I do not fall asleep during the day. The only bad thing is not sleepng well, I wake up after 3 hrs..but I feel refreshed. My skin has a glow to my husband is taking it, he use to snore (like a train) no more, buy it now!!!!

Need to know cons

Jul 03, 2013 by Nancy

I tried this product for 2 1/2 months ....followed step by step. My skin was wonderful...wrinkles softened, but there was weight gain and muscle ache so bad that I didnt feel the nice skin was worth it, had to stop. I am 58 years old and felt like 68...not my fountain of youth.

Jun 22, 2013 by Cindy Clarke

Have used this product for 3 months now and have not experienced any of the claimed benefits. I exercise regularly, eat well and think it's absolutely bunk!!

Beauty Guru Las Vegas , USA 2.3 5.0 4 4 Wow, I was astonished to read other people had muscle aches. I also did, but wasn't sure what was causing it. Glad I read this. I am going to decrease the dosage to finish product.