Extend time between salon highlights with this toning trick

If you’re a little a late making it to the salon and your hair is driving you nuts, here is a little trick you can try at home. As your highlights grow out, your virgin (darker) hair is exposed. The contrast between the highlight and your new hair growth is a stark contrast and makes the roots stand out. You can use a toner from Sally Beauty Supply to tone the hair, removing brassiness and minimizing the root.

Caveat: If you are not comfortable DIYing hair color products, inquire with your salon about a toning treatment!

I starting using Wella Color Charm toners based on the recommendation of YouTube Colorist Sylvia Reis (ellebangs). She is a blonde specialist and has a bunch of tutorials for the DIYer.  I use two different toners (half and half) to get my perfect color. The people at Sally’s can help you figure out which color is best for your hair. I am more of a blue than a purple but the mix of T18 and T10 (I may receive a commission from these links) makes my hair a  nice buttery blonde. Find out if you are blue or purple here.

To use I mix 1 part toner to 1 part  Sally Beauty Sensitive Scalp 20 Volume Creme Developer and 1 part Salon Care 20 volume Clear Developer. The Sally Beauty Sensitive toner smells really good! If you are worried about the hair lifting, use 10 volume instead. I mix clear with creme to get a thinner consistency. I pour each ingredient into a plastic applicator bottle, shake to mix and put on plastic gloves.

You must work fast! Apply to wet hair, covering hair from root to tip.  You will only leave this on a few minutes! Watch your hair in the mirror and if you see any blonde pieces turning really purple, it’s time to wash it out. To preserve the toning, rinse out the toner but don’t use shampoo, just conditioner. Sometimes it takes a day or so to see the full effects of the toning, so don’t panic! If you don’t like the color, you can use a color shampoo or just wait a month for the color to wash away. Ellebangs also has  a newer video using a demi- permanent Wella color with an activating lotion to tone.