Tony Moly Changing Magic Peeling Shoes – a review

tonymolyfootpeelingmaskRemember the ads for those magic baby feet products? They promise to remove layers of skin on your feet making them as smooth as the day you were born. I saw this version by Korean beauty company Tony Moly and decided to give it a try.  You have to give the treatment a hour and a half to work, so get comfortable. I sat down in front of the TV and watched Poldark.


I removed my nail polish (this would probably take it off/mess it up). The product smells good and didn’t irritate my feet. It was easy for me to wash off and it didn’t dry out my feet. Now the waiting begins….

The package said it would take four days before the skin started peeling off, but it took my skin seven days. I did not take a picture of the carnage because it was GROSS, like get a vacuum gross. Skin was coming off every part of my foot, mostly from the bottom. I helped it along by scrubbing my feet with a pumice stone (even though it said not to) in the bathtub to mitigate the peeling. I definitely would not do this treatment mid summer because you will have skin coming off for about a week. The end result was amazing! My feet look 10 years younger and all the ugly calluses were gone.  I definitely will use this again! Get your own treatment at ULTA or Amazon for around $6.50.


Sheet masks for places other than your face

Sheet masks are the latest and greatest product to hit the beauty scene. Made of cotton, linen or plastic, they slip on your face for 15 or so minutes without the mess of traditional treatment masks. The masks have targeted treatments for brightening, anti-aging and clarifying and range in price from a few dollars to hundreds. Here are a few interesting masks that don’t go on your face.

Dr. Jart’s Dermask Spot Jet Neck & Chin Lift

Dr. Jart's Dermask Spot Jet Neck & Chin Lift
Dr. Jart’s Dermask Spot Jet Neck & Chin Lift

You always hear about how we neglect our neck and chest. Dr. Jart has created a sheet mask that will shrink fine lines and plump up that decollete in just 30 minutes. Get two for $12 at



Tony Moly Trust Me Body Corset Mask

Tony Moly Trust Me Body Corset Patch
Tony Moly Trust Me Body Corset Patch

This mask is made to give your midriff and belly button area some extra moisturizing before you hit the beach or wear something daring. Apply to dry skin and leave on for six to eight hours (overnight?). Must be applied to dry skin. Get it online at ULTA, $3.50

Kocostar Hair Therapy Mask

kocostarhairtherapyThis sheet wrap is designed to use after your shampoo and condition for extra deep conditioning and damage control. Just wrap over towel dried hair for 15 minutes to give hair an extra special treat. Formulated with keratin, witch hazel and collagen, $15 at Anthropologie.

Tony Moly Changing You Magic Foot Peeling Shoes

tonymolyfootpeelingmaskRemember those magic baby feet products? This mask promises to help you shed that dead skin on your feet. First you wrap your feet in these mask sheets for an hour and half. Within four to six days the dead skin will start falling off your feet revealing the baby soft skin. Another product from Korea company, Tony Moly. Get them at ULTA for $6.50.

*Now through July 23, 2016 spend $15 in Tony Moly at ULTA and get a free Goat Milk Mask.