Furlesse patches help relax forehead lines

I am no stranger to using patches to eliminate forehead wrinkles. Although it is slower process than Botox, it is a lot cheaper and no needles. The patches work by reinforcing the weak facial muscles back to their pre-wrinkle status. Furlesse patches are a welcome change to their predecessor, Frownies. Don’t get me wrong, Frownies work, but they have a few negatives. They are not easy to apply, even harder to remove and they can be itchy, especially in dry climates.
Furlesse patches are made of a clear, non-latex, self-adhesive plastic. They are easy to apply and remove.  You can even wear them around the house without being embarrassed to answer the door. I actually prefer to wear them during the day, (normal use is at night) letting gravity do more of the work. It took me about one month of daily use to get rid of my wrinkles and then you need to wear them less frequent for maintenance. The cost is $12.95 for a 30 day supply. You can get them at drugstore.com, amazon.com, beauty.com and furlesse.com. Look for new Furlesse patches for other areas of the face, coming soon.

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