Jouer Cosmetics, the “little black dress” of makeup lines

You won’t find any bright crazy colors in this makeup line, just soft, natural colors. Jouer Cosmetics founder, Christina Zilber, refers to her line as the “little black dress” of makeup with colors suited for any occasion. She wanted her clients to be able to create a look themselves, with wearable colors and without a makeup artist.

An interesting extra about Jouer – all of the pieces fit together. Eye shadows, blush, lip glosses and more have slots on the side and simply slide onto one another. You won’t find yourself looking through a makeup bag to find your lipstick and blush – they’ll be connected. You buy Jouer one by one or by collection, like the Everyday Must Haves Collection (below).

You can visit the Jouer Collection at Skins 6|2 in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

Jouer Cosmetics at Skins 6|2 at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Jouer customization

Everyday Must Haves Collection

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