LUSH Lip Scrub: lip smacking

Here in the desert your lips can get unbelievably dry.  Tired of watching my child peel dry skin off his lips, I went looking for a lip scrub. I only found a couple, all in the $18-$20 range and not in the most appealing flavors for a child. The light bulb went off and I headed to LUSH in the Shoppes at Mandalay Place.

LUSH Cosmetics makes handmade products from fresh ingredients, without testing on animals. Perfect for kids. The Lip Scrub comes in bubblegum, mint and chocolate. Its made of castor sugar and jojoba oil for moisturizing. You can apply and wipe off, or literally lick it away. It has the consistency of slightly wet sugar, so use at the sink. Afterwards, apply your favorite lip product. $8.95 at

Products have the date and the maker of the product on the containers!

Las Vegas @ Mandalay Bay (S), Paradise, NV 89119, USA

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