Nail hardener you can wear over your polish

Daby Nail Hardener, $13.25

Nail therapy is something many of us don’t have time for.  Most conventional nail treatments need to be applied daily to be effective. Don’t you want to strengthen your nails and wear cute polish at the same time? Daby can do that for you!

I found Daby through one of their local suppliers and I have really “grown” to love it. This clear, formaldehyde and toluene free polish is made to applied over a base coat or even your regular nail color. The active ingredients of cellulose nitrate and dioctyl pthatate coat the nail and protect it.  When you apply it you feel it hardening and creating a barrier.  Daby is great for:

  • Soft, weak nails
  • Nails that peel in layers
  • Split nails
  • Nails healing from acrylics or other artificial enhancements
  • Strong natural nails

You can purchase it online through – all my lucky readers can get free shipping with code FS101. This great product has been featured in Redbook and O Magazine.


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