Bh Cosmetics review

I bought a BH Cosmetics palette a few months ago because I wanted to test out a bunch of shadows on the neutral spectrum. I paid about $15 for the 88 shadows set, which is about the average sale price.

bh cosmetics nude palette, $15
bh cosmetics nude palette, $15

It is mostly made up of mattes, with a few shimmers. The case it comes in is nice, especially for a product made in China. As for the shadows themselves, they are just average. They are not very pigmented and must be used with a primer it you want any coverage. They are also very “dusty”, which I don’t like in a shadow because I have sensitive eyes. I rarely use them now and they sit in the bottom of the cabinet.

bh cosmetics nude 88 palette

I have seen reviews by people that really love them. I live in the desert and it really makes a difference when it comes to eyeshadow. What did you think of them?

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