Spring Break at home with Demeter Fragrance

Demeter "Drink" Cologne SpraysIt is officially Spring Break season. Be prepared to see pictures of your friends having a good time (without you) all over your Facebook feed. If you are stuck in the working world where there is no spring break, I’ve found a creative way for you to celebrate at work, with a cocktail! Not real cocktails, but fragrance sprays from the Demeter Library.

I got a package of these cool cocktail inspired fragrance sprays from Demeter and I am going to pass some onto you! Remarkably they smell exactly like the drinks they are named for. Cosmopolitan smells like the sweet cranberry lime cocktail, Redhead In Bed is a heady strawberry, Hot Toddy smells of brown sugar and rum, Champagne is of the sweeter variety and Gin and Tonic smells just like the citrusy cocktail.  Prickly Pear also came in the package but sadly, cracked in shipping. The box smelled just like my favorite old Victoria’s Secret scent, Pear Glace’ (just in case you miss it too.).

Demeter has more than 250 different fragrances, from Baby Powder to Lavender to Birthday Cake. Each scent also comes in several forms including cologne, perfume oil, bath & shower gel, massage oil, atmosphere spray, calming body lotion and atmosphere diffuser oil. Create your own fragrance wardrobe made up of your favorite scents from everyday to exotic.  Make sure to “like” the Demeter Facebook page and catch the coupon code for 50% off a different fragrance everyday.

Demeter Cosmopolitan and Redhead In Bed

Contest Ended!

I am giving away a Demeter “Redhead In Bed” and a “Cosmopolitan Cocktail” Cologne Spray (one winner for each spray). All you have to do is comment below by April 2, 2013. And no, I don’t need you perform any extraordinary tasks for giveaway entries.  I will contact the winner via email. Sorry USA entrants only. Your email and name will not be posted and we will not use this information for anything other than the contest. If you want to show your appreciation, follow this blog on Facebook and Twitter too!

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38 thoughts on “Spring Break at home with Demeter Fragrance”

  1. I love Demeter from wayyyy back… their Grass scent was a fave, as was Angel Food! These sound scrumptious!

  2. I don’t buy cologne as it’s so expensive. Would love to win a bottlle. Thank you for the chance!

  3. Demeter is just, in my opinion, in a league of its own. They revolutionized, shocked, and admittedly intrigued the cosmetics industry with their groundbreaking approach to scents. Dirt, Leather, Gingerale, Freshly Cut Grass are just a mere few of Demeter’s near perfect replications. I am a huge fan of the company and would love the opportunity to own & discover new offerings! I‘m a Demeter & Beauty Guru Las Vegas Facebook fan as well. Cheers! 🙂


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