Review of the NuNAAt naat Silicon Healthy Restoration line

What can keratin do for your? It can repair damaged hair. NuNAAT gave me the opportunity to try one of their collections of hair care products and I jumped at the chance. The line I reviewed is the naat Silicon Healthy Restoration line. I have highlights and use a blonde toner in my hair, so at any given time I am dealing with some damage.



The collection consists of nuNAAT naat Silicon Moisturizing Shampoo, nuNAAT naat Silicon Moisturizing Hair MasknuNAAT naat Silicon Leave-In Cream and nuNAAT naat Silicon Hair Serum Hair Polisher. The line has ingredients like pearl proteins, ceramides and keratin to strengthen hair, smooth hair cuticles and fix split ends.

First, the shampoo. It has a clear, sticky consistency. It kind of reminds me of a clarifying shampoo. I have really fine hair, so I had to be careful how I applied it, or it would just be stuck in there like a big blob. It also does not lather very much.



Instead of a regular conditioner, you are supposed to use the mask. That is fine, but I wish they would just stick it in a tube or bottle. I hate opening any kind of jar in the shower. Sometimes I can’t grip it and then water gets inside. Ick. I do like the Silicon Moisturizing Hair Mask a lot. It has keratin in it, which is the same main ingredient in Joico’s K-Pak. The difference is with Joico you need to use a conditioner with it and it is really expensive. You also only use K-Pak a couple of times a week and you can use the Naat product everyday. I think daily use of NuNAAT gives the same results as K-Pak.  So $20 vs. $4.99 is a great value.



The nuNAAT naat Silicon Leave-In Cream is supposed to fill the gap (I think) from the lack of conditioner. It was way too thick for my fine hair. It made my hair feel dirty. This is not a new problem for me. Many leave-ins do this to my hair. If you have normal to thick hair you should be fine.


Lastly, we come to the nuNAAT naat Silicon Hair Serum Hair Polisher. I loved this product. It is similar to the consistency of popular argan hair oils. It smells really good and makes your hair shiny and adds manageability. Sometimes I use it when I get out of the pool and need something in my hair.



I probably would not use this “collection” again. I would use the mask and the serum. But that is normal for me. I never use a hair collection. I use different products from different lines everyday. My shower looks like a hair product episode of Hoarders.  I do think that NuNAAT products are an excellent value for the money. You can find them online and at various Walgreens locations. They also offer great giveaway and sampling opportunities. Follow them on Facebook,  Twitter  and YouTube to check out the products for yourselves.

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