imPress Nails adds imPress Pedicure

The company that created easy press on manicures has made designs for your toes too! The Press On Pedicure by Broadway Nails is a press on nail solution for your feet. The process for applying the press on pedicure is the same as it is for the fingernails.

Now a word of caution! If you have sensitive nail beds, these may not be for you. The pressure applied to your nail bed when you put on shoes may be annoying or painful. However, if you wear sandals everyday, go for it! Here is a link to a coupon for $1 off your next purchase.


Find them online at or Walgreens stores.

2 thoughts on “imPress Nails adds imPress Pedicure”

  1. I love this product, Impress press on pedicure, but I have the hardest time finding them. CVS doesn’t carry the pedicure and Walgreens will carry two colors and only have one or two of them in stock, so I buy them out and then can’t find them again for months. doesn’t carry the pedicure. Where else can I buy them?

    1. Hi Karen, Try Walmart stores too. Sometimes these products are promoted in the front aisles of of Walgreens and CVS and not in the regular nail section.

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