Luxury Slim Pack by Daring Beaute – a review

Luxury Slim Pack- A Complete Anti Cellulite Treatment
Luxury Slim Pack- A Complete Anti Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a problem that affects women of all ages. Daring Beaute has developed a multi-step treatment that will help make a dent in that cellulite.  The company sent me their Luxury Slim Pack , including  the Cellu Burner anti-cellulite cream, a body brush, body massager and slimming leggings. I gave it a test drive and here are the results:

First, you start with the body brush and the body massager. The instructions tell you to use each of them twice a week before your bath/shower. I would always forget , so I would end up using them at different times. I’m not so crazy about the brush – but I really liked the massager.

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Next up, the Cellu Burner. You are supposed to use it twice a day and apply it from ankles to waist.  It has a very slight fragrance and has some serious staying power.  In fact, you have to rub it off in the shower.  It has ingredients that moisturize and invigorate, two components essential for reduce the appearance of cellulite. The way to really step up your results is by wearing the lotion under the slimming leggings.

The slimming leggings are basically super strong compression pantyhose.  The recommended use is to wear them for two hours a day. If you can’t work than in, don’t worry. Another effective way to use them is by working out with them on.  Now – this may sound crazy, but this actually works.  I actually noticed a difference in my legs when I started wearing Lululemon compression pants a year or two ago. They push against your skin as you work out – keeping things tight and increasing your resistance. Now, I am a little reluctant to mar my beloved Inspire Crops with the Cellu -Burner, but I did try it out with the slimming leggings (not working out) and got good results.

The lotion and the leggings has given me some of the smoothest skin I’ve ever had in my life – and this is coming from someone who always had “cellulited” thighs. I also used the lotion on my arms when I went out to an event wearing a sleeveless dress to keep those arms looking firm. The only complaint I have is that my leggings snagged right away, so I would be really careful with them.

You can buy each product separately or in a set. Right now the set I tried is 50 percent off at $59.50 and shipping is free. You get the body brush, massager, Cellu-Burner and slimming leggings. The leggings are available in size S,M,L and XL and run pretty true to size. Check out the entire line at

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