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I have never been a big fan of facials. So it goes without saying that I wasn’t that interested in a monthly facial club. I couldn’t see going in once a month for just a facial. The people at Blush Med Spa invited me down for a visit to experience their facial philosophy.

Dr. Arleen Lamba opened Blush Med Institute three years ago to help people get their skin healthy. At Blush Med Spa, you meet with the doctor before you get any treatment. She evaluates your skin, asks about your concerns and prescribes a series of treatments designed to get your skin in tip-top shape. For instance, you may start off with a microdermabrasion, followed by a regular facial the next month and then maybe a peel. The course of treatment is all designed to deal with your individual skin issues and get your skin healthy and looking great. The bSkin membership is $59 per month and includes one core treatment per month. Members can choose from a menu that also includes massages, light therapy and discounts on other spa treatments.

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I have rosacea, both the redness and the acne versions (lucky me). I was a little nervous about doing a microdermabrasion since my dermatologist has always told me to stay away from anything harsh. Dr. Lamba explained that they could use a tip that would not irritate my skin, so I went for it. The nurse used a flat round plastic tip and it felt like she was gliding it on my skin. It made a soft suction sound as it gently vacuumed the dead skin off my face. Afterwards she applied a mask for ten minutes to treat the newly unveiled skin. After the mask, the nurse applied Blush Med’s own in house moisturizer with SPF. The Sun-Tastic is 45 SPF in a base of organic moisturizer made from plantains.

Blush Med also has a line of facial products that can be customized IMG_0001to your skin. The doctor chooses your base and then adds up to four boosters that cater your individual skin needs. Round it off with a scent chosen by you! Your individual blend comes in a bottle with a “script label” you can bring back when you need a refill.

To sum up, the bSkin Membership at Blush Med Spa is a great value. It would be hard to get any of the described treatments for $59 each at most spas, forget the personalized assessment and skincare regimen.  A visit to Blush Med Spa is like combining your visit to the dermatologist with a spa day!

*Visit was complimentary.

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