New Hard Candy eyeshadow crayons hitting the shelves

DSCN4604Hard Candy is launching a new line of eyeshadows to Walmart this month. The new EYE DEF Chrome Eyeshadow Crayons are creamy, pigmented crayons that make applying your shadow a breeze.  Eyeshadow crayons are my favorite eye product of late. I use one color all over the entire lid and then top it with powder eyeshadow, making it a prefect primer as well!

The new crayons come in seven colors; Gladiator, Blazing Blue, Psychedelic Purple, Electric Emerald, Adore Rose Gold, Blazing Pink and the most versatile color – Wicked White. Really want one a shadow to pop and show its true colors? Use Wicked White! Apply the crayon first and then layer it with the shadow. Want to turn a shadow into a liner? Layer it on top of Hard Candy Wicked White.

DSCN4599Hard Candy EYE DEF Chrome Eyeshadow Crayons are only $6 a piece and available at Walmart beginning in mid-march.


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