Differin Gel- a review

Differin Gel, $15.99

I have adult acne on my chin and have tried many products  to get rid of it. I was at the drugstore and saw Differin Gel 0.1 percent. Formerly a prescription drug called Adapalenethis retinoid is purported to clear acne, prevent  breakouts, whiteheads, blemishes and clogged pores and clear skin tone.

My Experience

I decided to try it out. I found a coupon online and bought the 15g version.  The gel is a milky color and did not cause any discomfort when I put it on. The directions say to apply it once daily, so I put it on every night before bed.  After about a week is when my skin started to peel. I mean really peel, like a bad sunburn when it heals. The area was also red. The peeling went away in about one week. I started skipping a day because my skin was getting red and irritated.

It did help clear the acne and make my pores smaller. About five weeks in, I had more peeling and redness. I also would get these tiny weird dry patches around my lips that were annoying. Around this time I went to my dermatologist and she told me to stop the Differin and come to her for a peel instead. She said it was causing too much redness that could turn into hyper pigmentation.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. I feel like keeping the acne away takes precedence over the hyper pigmentation. I can always cover that with concealer or foundation.

You can find Differin Gel 0.1 percent at drugstores in two sizes, 15g and 35 g. You can also find it at Amazon ( I may get a commission from this link).  See the link in the second paragraph for a $3 off coupon.

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