Clarisonic is closing and everything is on sale

Everything on the sonic beauty device’s site is 50 percent off.

After more than 15 years, Clarisonic is closing down for good. Acquired by L’Oreal in 2011, the company has decided to stop selling the high-end facial device across all retail channels, including on the direct-to-consumer website. The last day you can shop is Sept. 30, 2020.

Everything on the site is 50 percent off from devices to brush heads. If you already have a device stock up on brush heads starting at $13.50 each. Devices start at $49.50. The devices last forever (I have had two for over 5 years) and you can find aftermarket brushes to fit. Shipping free and you get a free gift with any purchase over $30.

If the brush head you want is sold out, try looking at other beauty and department stores. Many of the retailers are also lowering prices to clear stock of Clarisonic items.


Clarisonic is turning 10, do you have one?


Clarisonic Mia 3

Clarisonic, the facial cleansing device, is turning 10 this holiday season. I was lucky enough to get a Mia 3 to review. As an owner of Mia for years, Ic an safely say I con’t live without one.  It has done great things for my skin. If I go a few days without using it, I can tell a difference. It removes makeup, dead skin and helps keep my rosacea symptoms in check.

The Mia 3 has a lot of extra features compared to my old single speed Mia. The Mia 3 came with a stand, a USB enabled universal voltage pack plus a bonus luxe brush head and a full size Gentle Hydro Cleanser. The actual device has three speeds; a gentle speed for sensitive skin, medium speed for daily cleansing and a higher speed to take on long-wearing makeup. It also has a timer to tell you when to switch to the next facial area.  This kit retails for $199 (mine was a press sample) with a $254 value.

My Mia has been going strong for four years. If you don’t have a Clarisonic, it’s time to get one! So where can you get a deal? – now through 11/30 get 20% off all devices with code CYBERWKND. Ex: Mia is $99 x 20% off = $79.20 plus free shipping and free returns. I think they may continue this through Cyber Monday.

ULTA – They have 20% off selected devices.

QVC – They have devices starting at $99. QVC also has exclusive designs/colors including a Kate Somerville kit for $149.

Dermstore – 20% off at checkout on all devices.

Sephora and Nordstrom also carry Clarisonic and have exclusive sets. It is also a good idea to troll social media hashtags to find other deals.  *Avoid buying from unauthorized Clarisonic retailers – you can’t be sure you’re getting the real thing!




Clarisonic Mia worth the money

I have been reading all the buzz about Clarisonic Cleansing Systems and watching men wander aimlessly  around Sephora during holidays looking for them, so I decided to bite the bullet at get one. The original Clarisonic costs $195 and the Mia costs $149. The main difference is the Mia only has one speed and the original has four. The Mia also comes with the sensitive brush head only. You can buy any of the other brush heads for the Mia ( Normal, Delicate, and Deep pore Cleansing). The only one that does not work with it is the body brush head. The single speed and sensitive brush head work fine for me. I do want to try the deep pore head next time.
The main benefit of the Clarisonic cleansing system is the removal of dead skin. When we are younger, the dead skin seems to slough off by itself, but as we age, the skin needs a little help. I use my Mia about once a day, in the shower. I went on vacation for a week and didn’t bring it with me and I could definitely see the difference. The prices seem to her very consistent. The only place you might get a better deal is on QVC. They sometimes have special edition versions that come with extra product, like the Clarisonic PLUS bliss Face & Body Collection.