Sweetease hair removal strips – a review

Its been several years since my favorite brow wax kit left the market (Anastasia Beverly Hills). Ever since I have been looking for a replacement for waxing at home. I stumbled across this affordable Sweetease kit and ULTA and it has been working pretty well. 

The kit comes with eight strips, an instruction card and aftercare wipes. I use two strips (brows and upper lips) each time. I also have a little baby oil and cotton swabs on hand to remove wax residue. I cut the strips in half for easier application and if I’m really feeling ambitious, I trace the underside of my brow on the strip with a pen to get a closer fit. The kit isn’t perfect, but for $3.99 its a nice substitute for a $20 salon wax. Find it at ULTA and CVS stores.

Give your face a lift at home with Roloxin

For most people a surgical facelift is a) too much money or b) too scary.  But a new topical mask called Roloxin can give your face a lift, reduce wrinkles and reduce pores without  you having to go under the knife.


All you have to do is rub the packette to activate the product and then smooth it all over a clean face. You can put it right up to the lash line (unlike most masks). It smells like cake *bonus* and did not irritate my sensitive skin. After a couple of minutes the mask will start to firm up. After 10 minutes, you wash it off and apply a moisturizer. My favorite is the time-tested, hyaluronic acid filled Olay Regenerist. I did feel like my skin is firmer and my lines look smaller.

Given the cost, I would probably just use this for a special event. I did find a link on Facebook (which I used) where you can get two treatments free, otherwise the cost is $110 for 10 packettes.

Brow Stylist Plumper by L’Oréal Paris – review

DSCN4032L’Oreal Paris has a new product that can be used to to fill in the brows and hold them in place. I tried the lightest shade ‘Light to Medium’ but it is also available in ‘Medium to Dark’ and ‘Clear’. I would recommend Medium to Dark for most people, I am blonde but the lighter shade was too light. It would probably work best for a blonde with very pale eyebrows. Or, you could always use your regular brow products and then seal it with the clear shade. This product seems to be smoother than traditional brow gels but it dries heavy. It other words, your brows will feel crunchy and they’ll stay that way until you remove it. DSCN4011 L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Plumper is priced at $8.99 and is available online at lorealparisusa.com. I have seen it occasionally in ULTA stores. Quick tip: When you buy L’Oréal Paris products at ULTA, make sure you go during the sales (buy one get one, etc.) and make to sure to bring manufacturer coupons to increase your savings. If you don’t a newspaper like me, you can look online or grab them from displays at drugstores.

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Patchology offers special single patch kit for $35

Last year I attended a “patch party” at Neiman Marcus Las Vegas for the the Patchology Energizing Eye Patches. These special under eye patches use micro-current technology to infuse hyaluronic acid, plant peptides, cucumber, mint, Vitamin C and Vitamins B3 and B5 into your skin, giving your eyes a BIG pick me up.


To use, apply the activating gel to the patch or the eye area, apply patch and wait at least 20 minutes. The patch will hold onto your skin so you can move around and get things done while you treat. You can do a treatment once a week, so each pair will last you one month.


The regular Patchology Energizing Eye Patch kit comes with 4 sets of patches, activating gel and marshmallow wipes. Each patch is reusable up to four times, giving you a total of 12 treatments for $75. For a limited time, get a single patch trial kit for just $35 at Bergdorf Goodman stores. Shop online or call 1-888-774-2424.

Furlesse adds new wrinkle reducing patches (giveaway)

Furlesse are clear, non-latex, self-adhesive plastic patches that relax wrinkles and help prevent new ones. These needle-free wrinkle reducers are easy to apply and remove.They work by bracing the skin and training the muscles underneath back into shape. Simply wash your face, moisturize and apply. The original Furlesse patch was for your brows, but now they have created three new ones for the rest of your face.

Crows, Elevens and Lip-Sticks will help with crows feet, frown lines and lip lines. I love these things. I even wear them around the house (to let gravity help out). Wear them daily to get “back in shape” and then periodically to keep the wrinkles away.


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